Belly guard vigor


Produktkod: BG-6021

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Greenhill Vigor Belly protector is built to withstand world class punishment. Durable prime quality synthetic Leather construction makes it breathable, flexible offers high tensile strength and elasticity with thermostatic properties. Ultra Light weight design ensures freedom of movement.  Advanced GBM-shock absorbing padding at the abdomen and kidney area really does its purpose by providing superior protection from deadly punches and kicks. Cool XS-Mesh technology wicks moisture and keep the air contact. Its anatomical design with inbuilt laser crafted mesh holes provides superior ventilation across the back and to the chest. The shoulder straps does not just give a firm fit but also allow athlete unrestricted use of arms, making it ideal for mitt drills, sparring, MMA, martial arts and other combat training. Its quality craftsmanship and sturdy design makes it reliable training partner. Aerodynamically designed for multi-Sport performance.


 Premium X-B synthetic leather constructed wrap around rib shield provides excellent protection from kicking, punching and  offers durability, good heat insulation, high resistance to flexing, puncture, abrasion, mildew and chemical attacks. Top graded synthetic  leather with aesthetic design keeps the shape and is made to take a pounding.

 Adequately padded rib and kidney areas allow you to stand firm against kicking and punching. These belly pads provide protection by absorbing straight punches, foot jabs and knee strikes.

The shoulder straps not only give a firm fit but allow athlete unrestricted use of arms. Its anatomical design keeps the air contact across the back and chest. Thoughtfully engineered to boost your performance against deadly blows and kicks.

 Powered by BMN anti microbial treatment, making it perfectly suitable to be worn for prolonged training hours. Breathable fabric and Laser crafted Nano k-09 Mesh holes trap cool air and wick moisture for increased hygiene efficiency. Incorporated anti-microbial properties prevent odor build up and the growth of disease causing microbes.

This X-B synthetic leather belly shield incorporates all the features to be a best training partner. It provides protection against, punches, knee strikes, front kicks, push kicks, sidekicks, foot jabs and trunk strikes. It is ideal for the training of boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Sparring, clinch training and Martial Arts.